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ILIV Nutrition

L-Glutamine. Plant-Based. 100% Pure Instantized Fermented L-Glutamine: i.GLU is a plant based, instantized L-Glutamine produced through the natural process of fermentation and yields the world's purest form of the amino acid. In terms of quality, i.GLU is optimized for superior dissolution and superior bioavailability. Why is L-Glutamine So Important? High amounts of physical activity can deplete the body's levels of glutamine. Supplementing with L-Glutamine can accelerate recovery, preserve lean muscle, and elevate the immune system. Supports: Recovery, Muscle Growth, Growth Hormone Levels, Immune Function, Brain Function, Intestinal Health. Pure, Unflavored, and Unsweetened: Unflavored i.GLU is 100% unsweetened, which allows it to fuse seemlessly into water, juice, protein shakes or i.LIV BCAA. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

Vendor: ILIV Nutrition

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