Grenade USA Ration Pack

Grenade USA

Complete daily dietary supplement designed for athletes and military in high-intensity training who demand maximum performance. Multivitamins + Antioxidants. Essential Fatty Acids. Probiotics (2.5 Billion CFU). BCAAs (850 mg). 30 Packs, each contains 3 tablets, 1 capsule, and 1 softgel. Ration pack by Grenade is an ideal foundation for most nutritional supplement programs and is derived from our ongoing research with military personnel and elite athletes. It has been specifically designed to provide generous levels of nutrients in their highest quality form tested for purity, potency, and absorption. Grenade Ration Pack contains Multivitamins + Antioxidants. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3s). Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and BCAAs in convenient packs for daily usage while deployed on operations or for your gym bag. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3) helps maintain and support cardiovascular health. Probiotics support potentially beneficial so-called "healthy" bacteria in the gut. BCAAs, anti-catabolic support. Multivitamins + Antioxidants, nutrients required by virtually all body functions and key contributors to the maintenance of good health. GMO Free. BSE/TSE Free. Gluten Free.

Vendor: Grenade USA

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