Ginger Shots: 6 All Natural Flavors

Ginger Shots

  • Naturally feel re-invigorated
  • Only two ingredients per bottle
  • All natural, organic, and kosher
  • Cold Pressed Organic Juices
  • NO Caffeine

 Choose your Flavor Drink it Down Feel the Burn of Organic Ginger Juice

At Ginger Shots we're an athletic, health-minded bunch with an inclusive, fun, and collaborative nature. We believe in healthy living through eating and drinking all natural products and staying active to help shake off the effects of the daily grind. This is why we created Ginger Shots; the simplest (and tastiest) way to get organic ginger into your body.

Ginger Shots are all natural, organic and kosher.

Ginger Shots come in 6 delicious flavors, each with only 2 ingredients; cold-pressed organic juice and organic ginger juice, that is then high pressure processed.

Ginger Shots contain NO caffeine, though, the juice and ginger combo give a natural feeling of re-invigoration.

The team at Ginger Shots have all directly felt the benefits of ginger in our everyday lives and now we share it with you. A healthier, happy life is simple.

So go ahead, give nature a shot


The secret to a healthier life has been hiding under our nose: Ginger.

Many cultures have long considered ginger to be the ‘secret to a healthier life’. For centuries, people around the world have been using it to not only spice up cuisine, but also for it’s perceived health benefits. As a fibrous root, ginger can be difficult to incorporate into your every day life. Which is why we created Ginger Shots.

Now you can get ginger in the simplest way possible.

Ginger Shots are cold pressed and cold pasteurized using high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to ensure the freshest taste possible. Blended with one of six varieties of organic, cold pressed fruit juices, Ginger Shots go down smooth and quickly absorb into your body giving you an organic blast of WOW and revitalizing your senses.

Ginger Shots is the tastiest and most convenient way to introduce ginger into your daily diet.

Read some scientific journal publications about the benefits of ginger


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