Giant Sports Products Delicious Casein

Giant Sports Products

Premium Casein protein products. Slow digesting protein, incredible taste and texture. Ideal nighttime protein source, 24 grams of protein per scoop, zero added sugars, gluten free. Yes! Your casein can taste amazing too! From the incredible flavor technology that brought you Giant Sports Delicious Protein comes what is quite possibly the single best tasting authentic micellar casein product ever created. Giant Sports Delicious Casein represents a quantum leap in taste and texture for a category traditionally dominated by dry, gritty and harsh tasting products. If you are looking for a slow digesting and high quality protein with an unrivaled taste, then look no further. From the first sip of Delicious Casein, you'll know why Gian Sports is the "Brand of Choice" for the educated and discerning athlete.

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