Gaspari Nutrition Halodrol

Gaspari Nutrition

Maximum Muscle Myotropic Developer. Bodybuilding's Most Anabolically-Potent, Single-Dose Tablet! Amino Acid Retention Catalyst-Enhances Protein Synthesis. Natural Anabolic and Anti-Protrolytic Formulation. Boost Testosterone Levels And Enhance Athletic Performance. Halodrol is the latest evolution of the legendary Halodrol-50, made famous by Gaspari Nutrition over a decade ago. Gaspari commissioned the brightest scientific minds to develop a worthy successor to this wildly popular muscle building supplement. The goal was to develop an even more potent and effective formula that would be worthy of sporting the Halodrol namesake. The newly reformulated Halodrol is a patented, cutting-edge combination of 4 powerful yet legal anabolic agents allowing it to maximize every muscle building & strength increasing pathway possible that is undeniably the most scientifically advanced and potent product in its class. Halodrol derives its powerful anabolic effects primarily from patented naturally occurring DHEA derivatives. These compounds provide the body with intense myotropic growth via enhancement of key bodily processes shown to upregulate Androgen Receptor activation, protein synthesis, and net nitrogen retention. Halodrol supplies these potent muscle building compounds at the precise levels shown to maximize size, strength, and power output, giving you everything needed to take your gains to entirely new heights. To ensure the effects of Halodrol's powerfully anabolic ingredients provide you with the results you demand, each tablet is infused with a dual-phase delivery system. This delivery system is systematically designed to allow the active prohormone compounds to bypass stomach and liver degradation, allowing for a never before seen bio-availability and absorption. This novel delivery system is what makes Halodrol capable of providing you with significantly higher blood hormone levels, resulting in unparalleled gains when compared to absolutely anything else on the market.

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