Eat The Bear Eat The Bear BCAAs Powder

Eat The Bear

BCAAs 4:2:2 ratio, 4g leucine, 2g isoleucine, 2g valine, 2g glutamine. ETB BCAAs 4:2:2 ratio is a concentrated blend of amino acids that promote protein synthesis and provide one of the highest sustained peak performance available today. ETB BCAAs uniquely provide your body with vital muscle building elements while giving athletes prolonged endurance they need. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, which is the macronutrient necessary for growing, repairing and maintaining lean muscle. ETB BCAAs deliver the perfect formulation to ensure that the building and repair start immediately. You train hard and ETB BCAAs help you win the fight against damage done by intense training. "SOME DAYS YOU EAT THE BEAR, SOME DAYS THE BEAR EATS YOU."

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