Detour Lean Muscle Bar Cookies n' Cream Crunch 12-3.0 oz. Bars


High Performance Whey Protein Bar. 32g Protein. 9g Sugar. 21 Vitamins and Minerals. 1000mg Omega-3. Detour Lean Muscle Is A First Of Its Kind Max Protein Bar. Loaded With High Performance Whey Protein, Omega-3s, 21 Vitamins And Minerals And Only 9g Of Sugar. Detour Lean Muscle Is The Powerful Protein Boost You Need. The High Performance Whey Protein Bar, Detour Lean Muscle Puts The Nutrition Secrets Of Elite Athletes In Your Hands. Powerful Protein Boost. Detours Lean Protein Blend Powers Your Body With A Full Spectrum Protein For Optimum Results. Performance Plus. Optimize With Optiflax, An Exclusive Blend Of Omega-3s, Taurine, L-Leucine And CLA, Designed To Give You The Edge. Lean On Sugar. Reducing Sugar Intake May Be One Of The Best Steps You Can Take For Your Health. 21 Vitamins and Minerals. Enhance, Improve And Maintain Positive Body Function. These Lean Muscle Bars Contain: Only 13g Net Carbs.

Vendor: Detour

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