Cellucor Stimulant Free Super HD Fire


Morning & Afternoon Weight Loss Formulation. Stimulant Free Thermogenic Response with Patented Dyglofit. 4 Week Supply. Daily 2 Stage Weight Loss Formula to Match How You Live. Mornings are not the same as afternoons and sometimes you don't want caffeine or other stimulants to help drive your energy. That's why we designed custom formulas for your morning and afternoon. Targeting fat loss, optimized performance, enhanced mental stamina and emotional well-being, while boosting your energy levels without the use of caffeine or other simulants. Morning: Start your morning by igniting your energy and thermogenesis with Capsimax and boosting energy and focus while reducing mental stress and fatigue through the adaptogenic properties found in the multi-patented Sensoril. Adaptogens such as Sensoril and Rhodiola have been clinically studied to reduce the effects of stress and fatigue, which often increase when dieting. Afternoon: Fuel your afternoon and stay sharp with Huperzine A and Bacopa Monnieri, Traditionally used to enhance cognitive performance, while still experiencing the thermogenic effects of Capsimax and activating the multifunctional weight loss properties of clinically studied Dyglofit.

Vendor: Cellucor

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